Protect your RV

No two RV insurance policies are the same. There are many different RV insurance packages to choose from. Before purchasing one of this insurance policy, we, at On The Corner Insurance Services want to be sure that you are making the right decision regarding your coverage plan. The best option for you depends on a number of different factors, such as the make, model, and condition of your Recreational Vehicle. In order to provide you the best coverage option for your specific needs, once you contact us, our team uses the following checklist:

  • Will the RV owner want coverage for the items in their Recreational Vehicle as well?
  • Does the Recreational Vehicle owner live in their Recreational Vehicle or is it used strictly for vacation?
  • What is the market value of their Recreational Vehicle?
  • Will the Recreational Vehicle be driven across state borders?
  • What is the age and driving history of the Recreational Vehicle owner?
  • Is the Recreational Vehicle only used seasonally?

Once one of our Recreational Vehicle insurance specialists receives all the necessary information needed, they will be able to provide you the highest quality, comprehensive policy tailored specifically to fit your needs. Trust that our years of experience and our expansive knowledge regarding the many different RV insurance packages will guide you to the solution.